1. Full Thunderball Track Listing

    By daniel on 2003-02-18

    Capitol Music have previously confirmed the track listing for the remastered soundtrack release of Thunderball, however, a more complete listing has now come to hand:

    Aside from the remastered material, tracks 13 through 18 will feature the previously unreleased Barry score.

    13. Gunbarrel/Traction Table/Gassing the Plane/Car Chase
    14. Bond Meets Domino/Shark Tank/Lights Out For Paula/For King and Country
    15. Street Chase
    16. Finding the Plane/Underwater Ballet/Bond With SPECTRE Frogmen/Leiter To The Rescue/Bond Joins Underwater Battle
    17. Underwater Mayhem/Death of Largo/End Titles
    18. Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Mono)

    With track 18 being a mono track it seems likely that it will be an alternate instrumental version of the Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang that had been originally released, and features as track 12 on the remastered edition.

    The remastered Thunderball soundtrack will be released on February 25 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon US for $11.98.