1. Remastered Thunderball Track Listing

    By daniel on 2003-02-12

    Capitol Music have confirmed the track listing for the remastered soundtrack release of Thunderball.

    The soundtrack will feature six new tracks, five of which are known to be previously unreleased. The sixth track is titled Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and could be either the Shirley Bassey or Dionne Warwick version of the track.

    The tracklisting is;

    1. Thunderball (Main Title)

    2. Chateau Flight

    3. The Spa

    4. Switching The Body

    5. The Bomb

    6. Cafe Martinique

    7. Thunderball

    8. Death Of Fiona

    9. Bond Below Disco Volante

    10. Search For The Vulcan

    11. 007

    12. Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

    13. Gunbarrel / Traction Table / Gassing The Plane

    14. Bond Meets Domino

    15. Street Chase

    16. Finding The Plane

    17. Underwater Mayhem

    18. Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

    The new tracks expand the soundtrack to in excess of 75 minutes.

    The remastered Thunderball soundtrack will be released on February 25 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon US for $11.98.