1. Michael Kitchen in 'Proof of Life'

    By daniel on 2001-01-10

    Daniel Dykes here. Today I tottered off to see Mel Gibson’s “What Women Want” (which coincidentally is a great movie) and in amongst the 20 minutes of adverst before the movie (yup, in Australia there are 20 minutes of movies which means only 3 trailers and the rest boring adverts) the trailer for the latest Russel Crowe/Meg Ryan pic popped up and I caught a quick glimpse of Michael Kitchen aka. Chief of Staff Bill Tanner.

    Well sure enough it’s him and he’s billed 10th in the movie. He plays Ian Havery. And that’s about all that I can tell you, the movie is yet to be released in Australia.

    Still it’s nice to see him doing something non-Bond.