1. Remastered Track Listings

    By daniel on 2003-02-08

    Track listings for two of the remastered soundtracks, to be release by EMI-Capitol and MGM next week, have surfaced at Film Score Monthly.

    The listings for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Diamonds Are Forever were published on Film Score Monthly, with no mention of the six soundtracks to be released on February 11.

    The additional tracks for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service are listed as;

    Journey To Draco’s Hideaway

    Bond and Draco

    Gumbold’s Safe

    Bond Settles In

    Bond Meets The Girls

    Dusk At Piz Gloria

    Sir Hillary’s Night Out (Who Will Buy My Yesterdays)

    Blofeld’s Plot

    Escape From Piz Gloria

    Bobsled Chase

    A complete verion of ‘Journey To Blofeld’s Hideaway’ will reportedly also be included on the remastered soundtrack, however, it is not considered an extra as a version of it existed on previously released soundtracks.

    The extras for Diamonds Are Forever are more convuluted due to the inclusion of alternate cues.

    Gunbarrel and Manhunt

    Mr.Wint and Mr.Kidd / Bond To Holland

    Peter Franks

    Airport Source / On The Road

    Slumber Inc.

    The Whyte House

    Plenty, Then Tiffany

    Following The Diamonds

    Additional and Alterante Cues

    Further information about the soundtrack re-releases, including those scheduled for release on February 25, can be found here.

    Source: Film Score Monthly.