1. World Wide Take Reaches $384.1m

    By daniel on 2003-02-05

    Die Another Day‘s worldwide take has reached US$384.1 million, meaning that it is currently the 54th most succesful film in terms of worldwide gross.

    The figure comes from an earning of US$224.6m and a domestic earning of $159.5m to date.

    The recent opening in Norway saw Die Another Day earning US$1.2m on only 89 screens, a new record for the James Bond franchise and 20th Century Fox in the country. Despite piracy concerns the 20th Bond film also opened strongly in Taiwan earning $1.2m on 140 screens.

    MGM Chief Executive Officer Alex Yemenidjian revealed in January that the film was expected to take US$420m worldwide, with a US$260m international earning and a US$160m United States domestic earning. The film isn’t far from reaching either records, with the domestic record expected to be achieved in just over a week. The international record will easily be achieved once Die Another Day opens to Japanese audiences in March.

    If you’d like to discuss the films earnings please visit this thread of the Die Another Day Forums. Thanks to templer1972 for the tip-off

    Source: Box Office Mojo