1. Star Trek X's Bond Reference

    By David Winter on 2001-01-04

    Yes the tenth Star Trek movie is in the works (which I’m personally looking forward to) and there’s a little reference to Bond in the film. Well not quite, but you’ll see what I mean.

    The films scribe, John Logan (Gladiator) talked with StarTrek.Com and confirmed the film would involve Romulans and a Khan-like main villain – “Picard needs an adversary or a foe that is up to his level. That’s why James Bond should always fight Blofeld; that’s his adversary. We hope this adversary will be every bit as memorable not only for who he is, but how and why he behaves as he does”. Still Logan also added some new details including a hint “that Federation races rarely seen beyond the original Star Trek series will appear in Star Trek X'” as well as portraying “the crew of the Enterprise as having lives between adventures, growing personally as well as within their relationships with each other”. Logan doesn’t forget to have some fun: “There will be lots of little things that fans will recognize. I want to put in a lot of cool stuff that no one in the main audience will understand, but fans will see and get it right away. One of the best parts about writing this is that I get to do things with the races, the characters and the homeworlds that I’ve always wanted to do”.

    It’s not all Bond related but there is a reference in there so it gets posted! I think it will be pretty cool to see the movie now with the Bond reference in mind.