1. Pierce Brosnan's New Film

    By daniel on 2001-01-01

    Trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Pierce Brosnan and Director Renny Harlin, of “Cliffhanger” fame, will adapt Ray Bradbury’s 1952 famous dinosaur short story “A Sound of Thunder” for the big screen.

    The pair are now in final talks to star in & direct the feature about “a game hunter who goes on a time-traveling safari to hunt dinosaurs in the prehistoric era. When confronted by a tyrannosaurus, he loses his nerve, stumbles off the appointed path and inadvertently changes history”.

    Production on the Franchise Pictures-produced movie aims to begin as early as first quarter next year in order to wrap filming up before the actors strike. Rumours of Sly Stallone’s involvement in the project last week now seem unlikely.