1. Film Clip Motif Now Fashion Symbol

    By daniel on 2003-01-17

    Madonna’s Die Another Day film clip featured it, and now so does fashion.

    It is the compilation of the three Hebrew letters Lamed Aleph Vav, which represent one fo the 72 names of God. The characters can be seen tatooed on Madonna’s arm during the Die Another Day film clip, as well as on the electric-chair during the flim clips conclusion.

    The three letters will be featured on t-shirts sold by the New York-based Kabbalah Centre. All proceeds from the sales will go to fund children’s programs run by the Kabbalah Centre.

    However, the three letters are not the t-shirts only connection with Madonna’s film clip. The t-shirts also feature captions such as “destroy your ego” and “no more ego”.

    At the time of its release Madonna’s film-clip upset some factions of the Jewish community, who felt the use of some sacred Jewish elements was offensive.