1. Free-Adminssion Set For Korea

    By daniel on 2003-01-15

    In response to poor box-office performance 20th Century Fox Korea has revealed that the distributor is planning to admit viewers free of charge to see Die Another Day.

    The move would be aimed to give the film extra publicity in South Korea, where the film currently holds fifth place at the box-office.

    In its first two weeks Die Another Day only had 582,600 viewers in South Korea, a figure described as “below expectation” by a spokesperon for Fox Korea. However, Fox believe it “is not necessarily because of the campaign” against the film.

    Student groups have continually protested about the films supposedly anti-Korean theme. One commented that he was “hurt” to see the character of Falco take control of the South Korean troops, “although it is true that the commander of the US troops stationing here has commanding control over South Korean troops in the event of war”.

    It seems the film has taken the brunt of opposition to reality.