1. MGM Estimates $420m Internationally

    By daniel on 2003-01-09

    Die Another Day has had a strong performance at both the US domestic and international box-offices. Given the success, MGM revealed Thursday that the estimate the film will take US$420 million world wide.

    MGM’s Chief Executive Officer Alex Yemenidjian revealed the estimation while speaking of the future of MGM. The world-wide take of US$420 million would comprise of US$260 million from the international box-office, with a further US$160 million coming from the United States and Canadian box-office.

    “It will do way over $100 million in net profit for us before it goes into the film library,” he said.

    To date Die Another Day has earnt US$154.46 million at the US Box Office. Internationally the film has taken over US$184 million with regions, including Japan, yet to open.

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    Source: Yahoo News