1. James Bond Heads For Tokyo

    By David Winter on 2001-04-07

    Commander James Bond of Her Royal Majesty’s Navy will travel to Tokyo for his next mission in 2002. Thanks to Sly for sending this report into us, which has appeared on 007Forever.

    The book, by Raymond Benson, will follow the soon to be released Never Dream of Dying. It will be Bond’s first mission in Tokyo since his mission there in Ian Fleming’s You Only Live Twice.

    Raymond Benson, the writer of five Bond stories, has researched the city’s attractions and 007 should be in his element among the love hotels of Kabukicho. The safest place to relax, however, could be the district’s “no-pantie” coffee shops: mirrored floors will ensure Ian Fleming’s creation is alerted to any weapons concealed beneath the hostesses’ skirts.

    This is sounding raunchy. Apparently Never Dream Of Dying will have quite a few raunchy scenes as well, but we’ll have to wait and see.