1. $150 Million Mark Passed in US

    By daniel on 2003-01-03

    Recent box-office figures for Die Another Day have been released by MGM with the filming making more at the United States box-office on New Years Eve than originally estimated.

    New Years Eve saw the film rise to 8th position at the box-office with a taking of US$1,080,112.

    New Years Day box-office taking pushed Die Another Day‘s US takings beyond the US$150 million mark to $150,061,815. New Years Day, which was the films forty-first day of release, saw the film take US$1,296,256.

    Internationally, Die Another Day has lost its top spot due to the release of The Two Towers. In Australia it fell to fourth position, after spending the last two weeks in the top spot, having taken an impressive US$7,975,355 to date. In the United Kingom, with accurate figures on released up until December 29, the film has dropped to third position with a taking of US$$50,317,101.

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    Source: Box Office Mojo