1. Miranda Frost

    By daniel on 2002-12-30

    Miranda Frost

    Miranda Frost finds her self in an interesting position as an agent for the British Secret Service. She is one of the few MI6 agents to have had a ‘public’ career prior to a secret one. Before her career as a MI6 Agent Frost won a gold edal at the 2000 Sydney Olympic’s for the sport of fencing. She did, however, win the medal by default after the Russian gold medalist overdosed and Frost’s silver medal was ‘upgraded’. To this day she still pursues fencing, but only in private competition.

    After the Sydney Olympics Frost began work with the cryptology department of MI6. However, it wasn’t until the emergence of of Gustav Graves that Forst made a career movie within the sercret service. She requested that she be sent to investigate Graves’ legitimacy by posing as his personal assistant. Her interest in fencing was secured her the role as Graves had a similair interest.

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