1. Gustav Graves

    By daniel on 2002-12-30

    Gustav Graves

    Gustav Graves’ popularity is perhaps best revealed by his recent Knighting. Little is known about Graves’ past by both the media and the intelligence world. It is known that Graves was born in Argentina where he worked in a diamond mine. Before being adopted by an English family, making England his adopted country, Graves learnt enough about diamonds to make them a life long pursuit.

    In 2001 Graves’ company Graves Diamonds struck lucky with a mass find of diamonds in Iceland. Within month Graves was exporting his diamonds to the world, and in the continuos bid for self-promotion each diamond was laser engraved with the Graves Diamonds logo.

    Aside from his entrepreneurial conquests Graves is also an known environmentalist and philanthropist, both qualities ensuring his quick Knighting. His environmental studies led him to build several biodomes in the vicinity of his diamond mine, each bio-dome featuring an Eden like array of forestry.

    In a supposed gift to mankind Graves ordered the construction of Icarus, a second sun capable of illuminating the far reaches of the globe. At the unveiling of the satellite Graves told the world “Let their be light…” and there was.

    A budding sportsman, Graves is also believed to be an insomniac, and as a result, require no sleep.

    Despite his popularity Graves is being investigated by British Intelligence who, while having no real suspicions, want to ensure that he is legitimate.

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