1. A James Bond Mini Biography

    By daniel on 2002-06-25

    A James Bond Mini-Biography

    Born in Scotland an only child James Bond lost his parents, Andrew Bond and Monique Bond nee. Delacroix, to a climbing accident when he was twelve. His parents, who had been mountain climbing in Chamonix, France, left him to the care of his aunt Charmaine Bond.

    While with his aunt Bond lived in Canterbury and at the age of thirteen moved to Eton College. However, his educational career at Eton was short-lived, at the age of fifteen Bond was expelled after an ‘incident’ with a maid. Continuing his education Bond was sent to Fettes in Edinburgh, where his father had also studied.

    After completing his primary education Bond joined the Ministry of Defence where he rose to the rank of Commander. Eventually becoming a Civil Servant when he joined the OO Division of the Ministry of Defence, now referred to as MI6 and SIS, Bond retains the rank of Commander in the Royal Navy. As a part of the 00 Division Bond was assigned the code number OO7.

    Having served on countless missions, all of which remain classified to this day, Bond was recently sent to North Korea to assinate Colonel Moon, a North Korean Colonel intent on the North retaking South Korea. It was known that Colonel Moon was trading next generation weapons for African Conflict Diamond’s. Bond’s initial mission was believed to be a success, as the world was duped in to believing that Colonel Moon was indeed dead. However, he resurfaced over a year later under a different guise and it was time for James Bond to once again save the world.

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