1. 'Never Dream of Dying' – Benson's new book!

    By David Winter on 2001-01-01

    Raymond Benson, the author of the latest series of James Bond 007 novels is writing a new one called Never Dream of Dying.

    Benson’s last book, Doubleshot was a huge success, and everybody can’t wait for this new one to be released.

    It begins at a movie studio in Nice where a police raid goes horribly wrong. The trail leads James Bond to Paris where he meets the tantalizing movie star Tylyn Mignonne. Meanwhile, Bond’s friend, a French agent, goes missing and what ensues is a thrilling brush with death.

    Never Dream of Dying blurb

    Benson’s newest James Bond novel is due to be released in May of next year in the UK. A US release date has not yet been given. Click here to order Never Dream of Dying from