1. James Bond: A Bafta Tribute

    By daniel on 2002-12-26

    Held in London a day before the premier of Die Another Day the BBC will show footage from James Bond: A BAFTA Tribute this Saturday.

    The tribute event was hosted by Michael Parkinson and was attended by many people involved in the James Bond world. From producers to actors the telecast promises to show the best highlights of the evening. Bond actors George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan attended the event; Sean Connery was represented by a taped interview. Also in attendance were the main cast of Die Another Day Toby Stephens, Rosamund Pike and Halle Berry.

    The event will be televised on BBC1 on 6:10pm this Saturday.

    Incidently, the film adaptation of Ian Fleming’s childrens story Chitty Chitty Bang Bang will be shown on BBC1 at 1:50pm on Saturday.