1. Get your teeth into ‘Solo’ – and (roughly) 1000 calories

    By Helmut Schierer on 2013-08-21

    Image ‘sunny side up’ by ‘unslugged’ (c)

    Looking for literature with nutritional value? Feeding body and mind? In that case William Boyd’s ‘SOLO’ is this autumn’s release with the most culinary allure for you.  According to The Book Bond and Ian Fleming Publications it features an appetising opening, consisting of an ample breakfast to celebrate a new year in James Bond’s life.

    You want to make the reading experience not just great but truly outstanding? Read the book at the very site this regal start into a new day is savoured in the book: The Dorchester. Don’t want to bring your own copy? Get one right at the spot by quoting ‘SOLO’ when making your breakfast reservation. But make haste, this offer only runs between 26th September and 30th November.  And you can even opt for the audio book as read by Dominic West.

    Still not satisfied? Want more? Something really, really, extraordinarily, outrageously refined? In that case the special ‘SOLO’ celebration event on Saturday 28th September at The Grill at The Dorchester is your game. William Boyd himself will read from the first chapter of ‘SOLO’, chat about writing it and sign copies for guests. If that still leaves you wishing for more you will have to apply with either SIS or Eon.

    Grateful thanks to John Cox/The Book Bond for the heads-up!


    Learn more about The Dorchester’s various Bond-related services and events from The Book Bond’s detailed report:

    Breakfast with Bond at The Dorchester

    -Enjoy breakfast as described in Solo, the new James Bond book by William Boyd

    (London) Dorchester Collection’s iconic British hotel, The Dorchester, will be the first and most fitting location to read the new James Bond book on publication day, Thursday 26 September, and will host a book reading by William Boyd on Saturday 28 September.

    The Dorchester is the setting for the opening scene of the new James Bond book by international bestselling author William Boyd, in which 007 is described as treating himself to a 45th birthday breakfast in 1969. In the book, Bond’s breakfast at The Dorchester consists of “four eggs, scrambled with pepper sprinkled on top, half a dozen rashers of unsmoked bacon, well done, on the side and a long draught of strong black coffee”.

    From Thursday 26 September, guests quoting ‘Solo’ whilst making a breakfast reservation will receive a copy of the book or can choose to listen to the audio version read by British actor Dominic West on an iPod over breakfast. Creating the perfect environment by evoking the time the novel is set; restaurant guests will also have the option of listening to hits from the 60s on an iPod, be given a copy of a national newspaper and the menu from 1969, and will be served their breakfast silver service in keeping with the 60s. Once a week, a table will be chosen at random to be charged the Grill Menu’s 1969 price, a sum just short of £2.

    On Saturday 28 September a special event will take place at The Grill at The Dorchester during which William Boyd will read from the first chapter of Solo, share his experience of writing the book, and sign copies for guests. Further evocative narrative will be added to this unique event with vintage cars from the 1960’s parked on the hotel forecourt, and characters dressed in 60’s outfits. Optional dress code for guests: swinging 60s, tickets priced at £69.

    Solo author William Boyd said: “I chose The Dorchester for James Bond to stay in because the hotel has strong literary associations (particularly in World War 2) but also because it was the epitome of style and glamour in the 1960s. The Dorchester was, and still is, the elite hotel — the choice of film stars and show business legends — and so it seemed fitting that when Bond wanted to give himself a special birthday treat he would book himself a room at The Dorchester.”

    For the full Solo experience guests can stay the night at The Dorchester just like James Bond. By requesting ‘007 room service’, guests will be provided with the full library set of the Ian Fleming Bond Collection with an accompanying martini nightcap.

    Martini master classes are also provided at The Bar at The Dorchester by expert alchemist bar manager Giuliano Morandin, who joined the hotel over 30 years ago. During Solo, James Bond drinks his Martini to a particular recipe: “ice in the shaker, add a slurp of vermouth, pour out the vermouth, add the gin, shake well, strain into a chilled glass, and add a slice of lemon peel, no pith”.

    English breakfast at The Grill at The Dorchester is priced at £32 excluding discretionary service charge. For further information or to make a booking, please contact reservations on+44 20 7629 8888 or send an email to restaurants.[email protected].

    For ‘Breakfast with Bond’, available until 30 November 2013, book English Breakfast priced at £32 and quote ‘SOLO’ to receive a complimentary copy of the book. For tickets to the Saturday 28 September ‘Breakfast with Bond’ William Boyd reading priced at £69 per person, please quote ‘BOYD’. Seasonal room rates for bed and breakfast start from £315 including VAT, please quote ‘007 room service’ for complimentary use of the Ian Fleming Library, and Martini nightcap priced at £14 per person.