1. A cover for ‘Solo’ – vented artillery style

    By Helmut Schierer on 2013-08-01

    Image courtesy (c)

    Finally. Finally news. After a fashion.

    The cover of William Boyd’s upcoming James Bond continuation ‘Solo’ has been spotted for the first time. In two places, The Independent’s  story here. And on Ian Fleming Publication’s official site.

    Right from the start it’s apparent no efforts have been spared in creating this unique design. Random House Creative Director Suzanne Dean designed an integral combination of dust jacket based in black with a textured ‘007’ in the background. Against this the author’s name is held in white above the novel’s title in yellow, its capitals throwing shadows across each other. All this broken by a seemingly random pattern of ‘bullet holes’ that invite the reader’s eye beyond the dust jacket towards the book’s blood-red binding.

    For if you remove the outer jacket the classic ‘007’ is once more hinted at, this time at title level, with the first 0 picking up Solo’s first o from the dust jacket. In turn the bullet entries are now marked with black burns. Exotic highlight is a black gecko peering pryingly into the book through the first of Bond’s two zeros, like through a gun barrel.

    In short it’s pretty damn marvellous and here’s somebody who fell in love with it!