1. GET M4ORE – ‘Live and Let Die’ turns 40!

    By Helmut Schierer on 2013-07-04
    LIVE AND LET DIE @ Forty (c) Mark O'Connell 22-06-13

    LIVE AND LET DIE @ Forty (c) Mark O’Connell 22-06-13


    40 years ago 007 took a walk on the occult side of death, leading him from Harlem’s colourful backstreets to a Dixieland excursion in New Orleans and a survey of Louisiana’s native fauna. Seldom did Bond try so hard to blend in with his surroundings. Charming a High Priestess, trading his code book for a deck of – marked – tarot cards and equipped with a wheelgun to defeat a Voodoo master, Bond is not just a lover but also a fool in this one. The supernatural comes astoundingly natural in ‘Live and Let Die’, so much so that the last laugh is rightfully that of a ghost. celebrates this anniversary in this thread.

    Grateful thanks to Mark O’Connell ( for the above image!