1. Rachel Grant Becomes TV Cop

    By jason on 2002-11-22

    Rachel Grant is to set to take on the role of Detective Constable Jenny Chen in the series; “Blue Murder“. The series will focus on her work in Machester’s police force, and is set to begin filming next month.

    The 25 year old actress recentley appeared in “Die Another Day” in which she played a Chinease secret service agent, using the alias; Peaceful Mountains Of Desire. It is thought that this was the role which won-over the series’ producer, Jane Mcnaught. She describes the series as “a fresh take on modern day policing set in contemporary Manchester.”

    Two 90-minute shows are currentley in pre-poduction with high-hopes of continuing with a full television series. Grant will star alongside Caroline Quentin, who is to play a Detective Inspector trying to run her career, and maintain a homelife.

    This is yet another step-up for Grant whom in the past has appeared as a regular dancer on the BBC-run show; “Top Of The Pops“, aswell as presenting the Sci-Fi Channel on British television.