1. Digital Bits invites Big Ten – heavyweights in Bond expertise talk shop

    By Helmut Schierer on 2013-06-11

    Over on The Digital Bits Michael Coate’s initial idea last year had been to round up the Champions League in Bond history, have them talk 007 and eavesdrop on the discussion for possible later use – for an article, not for a show trial. However, real-life circumstances prevented the plan. That didn’t stop Coate. He simply settled for individual debriefings – cleverly disguised as ‘interviews’ – and edited the result into round-table format. Here now is what the cream of professional Bond enthusiasts has to say about the appeal of the Bond series, its cultural resonance, the driving forces behind its creators Fleming and Broccoli, and the passion that made them write their own books.


    Well, with Jon Burlingame (The Music of James Bond), John Cork (James Bond – The Legacy, amongst others), Bill Desowitz (James Bond Unmasked), Paul Duncan (The James Bond Archives), Mark O’Connell (Catching Bullets), Lee Pfeiffer (The Essential Bond, amongst others), Steven Jay Rubin (The James Bond Films – A Behind The Scenes History, amongst others), Bruce Scivally (James Bond – The Legacy with John Cork, Billion Dollar Batman), Dave Worrall (The Essential Bond with Lee Pfeiffer,  Cinema Retro magazine) and Charles Helfenstein (The Making of OHMSS, The Making of The Living Daylights) Coate assembled ten of the biggest and most respected names in the field of Bond expertise. The resulting four page article is a magnificent celebration of Bond fandom.

    Read it here.