1. Eight arms, twelve girls, three villains plus 007 – Octopussy turns 30!

    By Helmut Schierer on 2013-06-06
    'Octopussy @ 30' by Mark O'Connell, used with kind permission

    ‘Octopussy @ 30’ by Mark O’Connell, used with kind permission


    Today it is 30 years since ‘Octopussy’ premièred at London’s Odeon Leicester Square. The first time audiences actually saw Bond crossing behind the Iron Curtain. A film showcasing many jewels, the biggest of which has to be the former ‘jewel in the crown’ – India. Never was a sari used more artistically in a Bond film, never frowned the clown with more explosive business on his hands. A hell of a circus for Bond and a colourful spectacle for audiences. CBners commemorate this unique 007 adventure in this thread.

    Grateful thanks to Mark O’Connell ( ) for the kind permission to use the above image.