1. 'Bond On Set: Die Another Day'

    By daniel on 2002-11-14

    The most recent James Bond films have had ‘making of’ books published to coincide with the films cinematic release, and it seemed that Die Another Day would be no different. However, Greg Williams’ Bond On Set isn’t quite a ‘making of’ book, it’s something more special.

    Bond On Set

    Bond On Set

    Past ‘making of’ books are a mixture of text and pictures, with the latter receiving the least attention. With Bond On Set Williams has reversed that factor and provided a book that is mostly a compilation of pictures.

    At first, the change did cause disappointment. I wanted to read behind the scenes stories, find out little pieces of trivia about Die Another Day, and hear of complications and unexpected successes. However, Williams’ brilliance with a camera, described by producer Michael G Wilson in his ‘forward’, really eclipsed my initial disappointment.

    While promotional pictures from the book have already been circulated across the Internet, some of the best photos are definitely found within the book. Look no further than the Williams’ photos of actress Rosamund Pike to highlight his skill; these are definitely the best photos of Rosamund published to date. Other behind the scenes photos are just as unique, and seem to have definitely benefited from David Tattersall’s cinematography.

    Disappointment aside, Pierce Brosnan’s small introduction really sums up the book, “never before have we seen back stage intimacies of a Bond movie in such a classic book as this.

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