1. Piz Gloria about to receive ‘face lift’ – and OHMSS too!

    By Helmut Schierer on 2013-03-23

    Piz Gloria

    Austrian newspaper ‘der Standard’ this week had a short feature about plans to give the Bond experience atop the Schilthorn in the Swiss Alps – legendary mountain lair of Blofeld in 1969’s ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ – a major overhaul. While first rumours about this project – aptly named ‘Bond World’ – appeared as early as February, this time the report adds some interesting titbits that are likely to make fans’ mouths water.

    The famous Piz Gloria revolving restaurant and cable car station offer a spectacular mountain panorama with Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau and a range of over 200 further Alpine summits surrounding the Schilthorn. At just a tad short of 11,500 ft. this James Bond location is truly breathtaking in more than just visual terms.

    Yet it must be noted that the actual Bond element at Piz Gloria has  become just a tiny bit dated and frayed at the edges. A seminar room with a couple of wall charts, a roll-down screen where a digest of familiar Bond scenes are shown – not exactly what you’d call up-to-date in the 21st century.

    Well, according to der Standard that’s about to change drastically. The start of summer hiking/climbing season 2013 will see the grand opening of the ‘Bond World’ at Piz Gloria, with a Bond cinema, 400 square metres of multimedia area with interactive elements and an option to even have your own face copied into the famous ski chases of ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. Finally the Bond actors will unite on the observation deck/helipad – as waxworks. Still, when are you ever likely to see all the Bond actors in one place?

    ‘Bond World’ at the Piz Gloria summit station is set to open on 28th June 2013,  and in the real-life presence of George Lazenby, who returns for this event to the location of his sole entry in the Bond series.