1. Jinx Spin Off-Series – Not Just PR?

    By Tim Roth on 2002-11-12

    Until now it seemed like a marketing gag, but it seems that a Jinx Spin-Off Series becomes more and more possible. Different news services quote producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli as being serious.

    Yahoo reports; “Berry confirmed as much in an exclusive interview with E! News Live, revealing that she’s in talks with MGM and 007 producers, Eon Productions, about reprising the Jinx role in what would become the first Bond-based spinoff series in the franchise’s 40-year history. ‘Isn’t it just crazy?’ Berry tells E! ‘If Jinx could stay just as she is and evolve even further, and if they’d put the loving care that they put into James Bond–I absolutely would–I’d do it in a heartbeat.'”

    Additionally it is said; “Reviewers who have seen early screenings of the new Bond film say it plays much like a franchise-launching film, with Berry’s character getting plenty of screen time.”

    In another article which can be found at Yahoo, it is claimed that “Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli –the producers of “Day” and the executives who hold half the reins to the $3.8 billion Bond franchise — have given their approval to a Jinx picture.”

    Although it had been rumored that Michelle Yeoh would star in her own series of spy pictures after appearing in 1997’s “Tomorrow Never Dies,” the Jinx project would represent the first time a character featured in a Bond film has ever segued into his or her own film.

    Further on Yahoo reports, “MGM and the Bond franchise’s producers have been high on Berry’s involvement with ‘Day’ from the start, even going so far as to feature the actress prominently alongside Pierce Brosnan (news) throughout the picture’s marketing campaign.  Given Berry’s exposure and appeal with U.S. audiences after her Oscar win for ‘Monster’s Ball’, MGM is hoping Berry will help drive ‘Day’s’ global box office past the $361 million ceiling hit by ‘The World Is Not Enough’ in 1999. ‘Day’ is the 20th installment in the 40-year-old Bond franchise.  The Jinx project is still in the early stages of development. Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who scripted ‘Day’ and ‘The World is Not Enough’, are working on a treatment.”