1. Jinx May Have Spin-off Series

    By daniel on 2002-11-11

    Move over James Bond, here comes Jinx Jordan. According to Zap2It Eon Productions and MGM are in talks with actress Halle Berry for her to reprise the role of Jinx in her own Spy film franchise.

    “She is fantastic in the role, we loved working with her, we’d love to do it more,” says Michael G Wilson, co-producer of Die Another Day. Berry is keen to reprise the role as well, telling Zap2It, “If they ask me and play Jinx and continue on with this character — I really love her — and all that she embodies, I would do it in a heartbeat. I would just somehow have to work it out.”

    Director Lee Tamahori is also behind the idea commenting that the production team built Jinx “up to strength and literally made her a female James Bond, there was no intention of franchise at that time.”

    Tamahori adds, “She’s an American version of Bond. They’ll meet again, or she’ll have her own movie.”