1. More Details on US Run-Time

    By daniel on 2002-11-07

    Debate continues as to the lenght of the run-time of the United States version of Die Another Day with CommanderBond.Net learning of another possible run-time.

    Evidence has come to hand indicating that the US run-time could also be 129 minutes, the run time coming from an screening invitation sent to MGM Employees. The MGM screening will take place on November 12.

    However, the 122 minute run time, which was taken from a press screening invite, still seems a possibility. One source has told CommanderBond.Net that “run times published on the screening invites tend to be accurate since they are intended to be included in the published review”.

    Meanwhile, Fox France has confirmed the running time for French cut of Die Another Day is 134 minutes.

    If you’d like to discuss time cuts to Die Another Day please visit this thread of the Die Another Day Forums.