1. International Run-Times May Differ

    By daniel on 2002-11-06

    Amidst talk of raunchier sex scenes CommanderBond.Net has learnt that film censors world wide may enforce cuts on Die Another Day in order for the film to garner ratings sought by distributors MGM and Fox International.

    The first evidence of cuts to the film has surfaced in the United States with those invited to press screenings being told Die Another Day has a run-time of 122 minutes, and is rated PG-13. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic in the United Kingdom, those intived to press screenings are being told to expect a film with a run-time of 135 minutse.

    Despite the differences, the possibility has arisen of further cuts to the United Kingdom version. The British Board of Film Classifcation is yet to hand down a rating for Die Another Day, though press screening invites do note a 12A rating but also confirm the rating is yet to be confirmed. The inclusion highlights Fox International’s desire for a 12A rated film.

    World-wide ratings are yet to be confirmed, however, it has been rumoured that the German version of Die Another Day will be cut down from 135 minutes to achieve a lower classification.

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