1. What The Box Office Prophets Say

    By Brett McAleer on 2002-11-04

    The crystal ball gazers at Box Office Prophets have made their predictions for November and the general consensus of opinion is that James Bond will come in second to Harry Potter, which is no real surprise to most pundits.

    Of the six “prophets” who actually quantified their predictions only one suggested that Die Another Day will top the box office, four ranked it as coming in at No. 2, while one predicted the No. 3 spot for Bond.

    One “prophet” has boldly predicted that Die Another Day will gross USD$130,000,000 against Harry Potter’s USD$320,000,000 and that Halle Berry’s presence will be a major factor.

    Stay tuned for further reports on the box office results of Die Another Day as they come to hand.

    If you’d like to discuss these predictions please visit this thread of the Die Another Day Forums.