1. Happy centenary to you, Aston Martin!

    By Helmut Schierer on 2013-01-15




    Over the five decades of his cinematic history James Bond has survived countless dangerous situations and hair-raising perils. A whole arsenal of ingenious gadgets and secret weapons helped Her Majesty’s agent 007 in saving the world – and his life – time and again. One of the most exclusive of these accessories has become so closely related to Bond’s status as cultural icon as to be regarded as near synonymous with him today: Aston Martin. In 2013 the marque – a jewel in Britain’s automotive industry – celebrates its 100th birthday.

    Catching Bullets‘ author Mark O’Connell and congratulate Aston Martin on 100 years of high performance in style on the roads of Britain and the world. And on providing a fitting means of transport for 007.

    Here’s to the next hundred years and countless future adventures in Her Majesty’s Secret Service!

    (Artwork kindly provided by ‘Catching Bullets’/Mark O’Connell)