1. The Obsessive 007 Fan Quiz

    By Luke Freeman on 2002-11-01

    James Bond is good, James Bond is great. There is a vast and growing community of James Bond fans out there. You are one of them, you wouldn’t be reading this article if you weren’t. Perhaps you are a big 007 fan, perhaps you have all the films on DVD, perhaps you’ve read all the novels, perhaps you have 007 underwear, perhaps you are wearing it right now. But that doesn’t go far enough to answer the question, How big a 007 fan are you?. How far does your love for all things Bond extend? Are you merely a casual fan, are you a knowledgeable dedicated fan, or are you an obsessive fan, who allows the legend of Bond to control all the facets of your life? It’s most likely that you are the second of the three options, a dedicated fan with pretty good grasp on the world of Bond. And it’s also likely that you secretly strive to be an obsessed fan, constantly checking the books to find what kind of toothpaste Bond used so that you can follow suit. Maybe you already are an obsessive fan, but you just don’t realise it yet. Luckily for you, today you can find out once and for all, as we take “The Obsessive 007 Fan Quiz”.

    The Obsessive 007 Fan Quiz:
    5 Multiple Choice Questions to determine if you are an obsessive 007 fan.
    Select only one answer for each question.

    Question 1: What is the most important event you’ve missed in order to attend a 007 film premier?

    a) a chook raffle
    b) football practise
    c) an important business meeting
    d) Your childs school concert
    e) Your childs birth

    Question 2: What is the most valuable item you’ve sold to raise money to purchase 007 merchandise?

    a) Your watch
    b) Your bike
    c) Your car
    d) Your house
    e) Your spouse

    Question 3: In your opinion, Pierce Brosnan is…

    a) a good James Bond actor
    b) a great James Bond actor
    c) a great actor
    d) God’s gift to the world
    e) kidnapped, tied to a chair in your basement

    Question 4: To emulate 007 you quite often find yourself…

    a) quoting lines
    b) quoting lines while imitating Connery’s accent
    c) ordering the odd martini “shaken, not stirred”
    d) wearing a tuxedo to non black tie events
    e) wearing a tuxedo to bed

    Question 5: What is the most obsessive 007 thing you’ve ever done?

    a) bought the whole video set everytime there is new cover art
    b) searched the phone book for girls with sexually suggestive names.
    c) named your twins “James” and “Bond”
    d) stalked at least two of the actors over a period of several months
    e) attempted to recreate the free falling part of the GoldenEye pretitle scene.

    Scoring system:
    1 point for every ‘a’
    2 points for every ‘b’
    3 points for every ‘c’
    4 points for every ‘d’
    5 points for every ‘e’.

    Now just add up all the points and you’ll have your final score. Now we can determine your status as see whether or not you are an obsessive fan, best of luck to everyone…
    5 to 10: You’re a fan, but you have a lot of work to do yet.
    11 to 15: You’re a wannabe obsessive fan, but can you take the next step?
    16 to 20: Oooh, close, very close, but no cigar.
    21 to 25: You should feel proud, you are truly an obsessive 007 fan.

    Until next time,