1. Rumour: Activision No Longer Has James Bond Licence

    By Kevin Wells on 2013-01-04

    In 2006 Activision picked up the James Bond licence from MGM Interactive and had the exclusive rights till 2014, but it looks like that deal may now be over. At the center of the rumour is Valve Corp’s Steam digital distribution platform which no longer sells any James Bond games leading some sites to speculate that Activision no longer has the rights to sell any Bond licenced game.

    Though nothing is official yet, the last few Bond game releases have seen lackluster sales. 007 Legends and GoldenEye: Reloaded developer Eurocom was shutdown late last year and the year prior Bizarre Creations, developer of Blood Stone, was shutdown as well. All of this flying in the face of the cinematic iteration which has arguably never done better.