1. Another International One Sheet Revealed

    By Tim Roth on 2002-10-28

    The French James Bond Club has revealed another official One Sheet for Die Another Day, which looks like the One Sheet revealed last week. I would call the new one a developped version of the other One Sheet. You can have a look at the new poster here.

    However, this is already the 4th official One Sheet I count. We have the two international one’s, which can be seen here and here, and the US One Sheet, which is a developpment of the 2nd teaser poster, viewable here. Additionally, I’ve seen yet another one at my local cinema on the weekend, you can see a low resolution image of it on Ebay. I was told by a cinema employee that this is also an official One Sheet for Die Another Day.

    Seems the ad campaign is very strange. While buses in Manchester and other English cities carry DAD posters, the official James Bond Website doesn’t have any information on any of the Final One Sheets.

    But be sure to discuss the topic in this thread of CBn’s Die Another Day Forums! And thanks to ‘john007’, ‘mrmoon’ and ‘cyris’ for all the information!