1. Inflation Adjusted, Skyfall Passes Goldfinger

    By Kevin Wells on 2012-12-17

    Adjusting for inflation is tricky, but using the US rate of inflation (consumer price index) Skyfall has managed to surpass Goldfinger ($931,983,650) to become the #2 James Bond film. Thunderball still sits at #1 with $1.036 billion by the same method, but its record could be threatened depending on how well Skyfall performs next month when it opens in China. This week Skyfall added another $12 million outside the United States to bring its overseas total to $678.7 million. That ranks 11th all-time or 3rd all-time among 2D-only films with only Titanic and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King ahead of it. Combined with its US cume, Skyfall sits at $951 million worldwide and should reach at least $980 million before China adds to its total.

    Despite The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opening in the United States this weekend, Skyfall still managed to add $7 million to its US total. That brings Skyfall’s total to $272 million. Skyfall should end its run in the States somewhere over $290 million.

    If you want to do a little saber rattling, The Hobbit’s record setting December opening of $84 million is less than Skyfall’s November opening of $88 million. Numbers are fun.