1. International One Sheet Online!

    By Tim Roth on 2002-10-23

    The French James Bond Club, who has some good connections to EON Productions exclusively published the Official International One Sheet last night. It can be found by following this link. Then click on “Affiche Meurs Un Autre Jour”.

    No big surprise, the poster looks nearly identically with the concept poster the Norwegian official Fox site published some weeks ago. Jinx and Bond in a tux in the middle, it looks like the same photo which was used for the Teaser B Campaign was used again for the International One Sheet.

    While the US Poster published last week by LatinoReview only features Bond, Jinx and the credits, the International One features additionally Graves, Zao and Miranda Frost, as well a surf scene, a hovercraft scene and Bond’s Aston Martin and Zao’s green Jaguar, obviously publicity shots we’ve seen months ago.

    Anyway personally I’m very happy with that poster, which looks much better than the US One Sheet.

    Please head over to CBn’s Die Another Day Forums to discuss the International Poster in this thread! And thanks to forum user ‘level007’ for the alert!