1. Digital Bonding

    By Tim Roth on 2002-10-21

    Some time ago, Die Another Day director Lee Tamahori referred to the movies as “the one with the most CGI ever in it”. The latest issue of UK Magazin “Film Review” scooped more information on the CGI Work in Die Another Day:

    In what is expected to be the most controversial aspect, Die Another Day will showcase the first ever CGI stunt with a digital Bond. Up until now the stunts were all physically possible, if heightened in a quasi-fantasy reality. Die Another Day signals the series’ need to match the competition by using the same cutting-edge technological tools.

    This means we will see most propably an action scene which wouldn’t have been possible with real actors, just like in recent “Spiderman”.

    The magazine furtheron makes a quite interesting read with input from some of the cast and director Lee Tamahori.

    Feel free to discuss this topic in this thread of CBn’s Die Another Day Forums! And finally thanks to our very own Rory Couper for the tip-off!