1. South African Actor Mark Dymond To Play Van Beert

    By Tim Roth on 2002-10-18

    gesThanks to our friends from Bondklub Deutschland CBn can bring you some hot news! The German James Bond Club can reveal 2 new additions to the “Die Another Day” Cast list. South African actor Mark Dymond was signed up to play Dutch Character Van Beert, and “formerly Bond Girl Tymarah” is going to play mysterious Scorpion Girl. As the following information regarding their roles are massive spoiler, you’ll have to highlight them to read!

    Spoiler (Highlight To Read)

    Actually Mark Dymond’s Character is a bad guy called “Van Beert”, according to the actor. He plays a small part in the pre-title sequence of “Die Another Day”. According to BKD he’s a smuggler who smuggles diamonds from African conflict areas to North Korea. There, he sells loads of diamonds to Colonel Tan-Gun Moon, who wants to take over South Korea violently. Bond and some “friends” enter North Korea by surfboard and kill Van Beert while Van Beert is entering his Russian Helicopter. Bond takes over the identity of Van Beert and encounters Colonel Moon.

    Remember, reported a meeting between Moon and undercover going Bond back in February!

    Mark Dymond

    CBn can also bring you an extract from a newspaper article from Australian Newspaper Dispatch from August 10th, where Mark Dymond talked about his role. Again, you’ll have to highlight the text to read it!

    Spoiler (Highlight To Read)

    “Coming up next is an appearance in the new Bond Movie Die Another Day, which prompts mixed reactions from Dymond.

    Playing the part of South African baddie Van Beert (at last they get a South African to play a South African baddie), Dymond says that when Bond infiltrates the bad guys he knocks out Van Beert and then pretends to be him “so I get the honour of saying James Bond plays me”.

    In the film the baddies do a lot of helicopter flying and Dymond, who confesses to being “not the greatest flyer” said he’d be shaking like a leaf when they landed and he’d have to try to look cool.”

    Bondklub Deutschland can even reveal more casting news. Neither Anna Edwards nor Rachel Grant is going to play Scorpion Girl, but “Ex-Bond-Girl Tymarah”. Furtheron, Scorpion Girl will be a Korean Character.

    Michael G. Wilson’s traditional cameo will be that of American General Chandler in the movie. I think it’s the first time ever Michael G. Wilson’s Character got a name!

    Anyway, feel free to discuss the topic in this thread of CBn’s Die Another Day Forums! And thanks to ‘Clopin’ for alerting us!