1. Brosnan and Tamahori Fought On Set

    By daniel on 2002-10-17

    While Pierce Brosnan and Lee Tamahori praise each other and the Bond franchise in the November issue of Premiere Magazine, theirs was not a fast friendship on the set of Die Another Day.  Both report that trust issues, specifically Brosnan’s lack of trust in Tamahori, reached a boiling point three weeks into the filming, leading to a showdown between the actor and the director.


    In an interview Brosnan reveals he wasn’t initially happy with Tamahori’s style of directing, which eventually led to the showdown. Tamahori does reveal he has a fast sense of direction which accounts for fewer scene re-takes. Despite the on set show down Tamahori promised Brosnan that they were both working towards the same goal, and he wouldn’t be let down.


    Evidently, the film maker kept his promise, although that did not stop Brosnan from discussing other directors such as Ang Lee and John McTiernan whom he would like to see direct the next Bond adventure.


    The November issue of Premiere is a must have not only for the fascinating behind the scenes interview, and a well thought out review of the past nineteen films, but for several pages of DAD tie in advertisements that appear in and around the articles.


    If you’d like to discuss the news please visit this thread of the Die Another Day Forums. Thanks to Xenobia St. James for this news article.