1. Skyfall Dominates the Box Office

    By Kevin Wells on 2012-11-12

    The 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, has taken in a hefty $87.8 million for its first weekend in the United States. Add in its Thursday IMAX premiere and Skyfall sits at a comfortable $90 million putting it on track to be the biggest Bond (not adjusted for inflation).

    Bond’s biggest triumph so far though is its overseas sales, so far racking up $428 million. Even adjusting for inflation that puts Skyfall in Bond’s overseas top 10 in a very small amount of time. According to Box Office Mojo, Skyfall has taken in $117.5 million in the UK alone making it the #1 film for the year in its home country and putting it on track to surpass Avatar’s $150 million all-time record.

    Add it all up and Skyfall is already sitting at $518.6 million worldwide, just shy of Casino Royale’s $599 million Bond record. Box Office Mojo is currently projecting Skyfall to make a run for over $900 million which would make Skyfall the third highest grossing Bond film (adjusted for inflation), perhaps shy of Goldfinger, but still behind Thunderball’s billion dollar record.

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