1. Worth another shot… in October

    By Helmut Schierer on 2012-11-05

    Image by ‘Defence Images’/MOD/SAC Tracey Dobson (c)

    No sooner was the September shot finished when virtually all hell broke loose. Not because of my flimsy prattle, it just happened to coincide with Adele’s main title song turning from ‘official rumour’ to official fact.


    From that day onward October was riddled with the mortar impacts of the ‘Skyfall’ PR campaign. Adele’s song ‘Skyfall’ was officially supposed to set out into the big wide world on October 5th, but somehow a snippet of it ‘leaked’ a few days earlier – and met with an enormous demand, making the final release then a lesson in skyrocketing the iTunes Charts. It immediately went to No 1 in most of Western Europe and managed practically everywhere else in Europe to climb the top ten. When was the last time we’ve seen such happening to a Bond song? Actually – when was the first time???


    As could be expected the song still isn’t everybody’s favourite, for various reasons I’m not qualified to write about even speculatively. My personal impression (and nothing else will you get here) was it’s perhaps a bit short on substance. And yet I haven’t been able to get the thing out of my system for weeks now, so it probably achieved what it was supposed to. Well done, Ms Adkins. Very well done!


    Right after that most welcome revelation fans had to cope with a most unwelcome disappointment. What initially seemed an unlikely and makeshift approach at a teaser poster turned out to be the actual final version of Sony’s ‘Skyfall’ poster. Hm…

    I’m not exaggerating here when I say most of us have seen vastly superior efforts created by fans. A few examples you can find here. It’s really just a tiny number of the enormous amount of ‘Skyfall’ fan-art already out there, so please feel free to nominate your own personal favourite for an adequate final poster.


    fan-art by ‘Daniel_Craig’ used on “heute” news

    Apparently the editors of German TV station ‘ZDF’ also found the official poster somewhat lacking. It’s the only explanation for them actually using fan-art to accompany their coverage of the ‘Skyfall’ premiere in London. Thanks to CBn member ‘Daniel_Craig’ for letting us know about his scoop.


    And then… ‘Skyfall’ itself hit the world.


    What this impact meant for the pro-critics – see here. What CBn’s members made of it – take a look here. BE WARNED – THESE LINKS ARE LEADING TO THE SPOILER SECTION OF CBN!


    A spoiler-free members review thread can be found here.


    By now we even have a discussion about possible or even likely awards waiting to rain on ‘Skyfall’.


    And what it all means for the box office and the financial sector you can get an idea about here and here. Well, I won’t spoil anything by noting ‘Skyfall’ was the biggest box office opening in UK history. Given that the UK has quite an ample amount of history to look back on this is certainly no small feat.


    So ‘Skyfall’ was the one incident eclipsing nearly everything else in the Bond world – naturally, one might add. But as CBn’s aim is to go beyond the current and latest Bond film we want to give a former Bond a fitting salute. This November it’s ten years since Pierce Brosnan saw his last outing as 007. For many younger fans he was the first to introduce them to the world of James Bond and arguably restarted the series back in his first outing with ‘Goldeneye’.

    CBn-staffer Tony DeCaro:

    Ten years ago next November, marked the release of Die Another Day, and as it turns out, it was the last film of Pierce Brosnan. We here at wish to celebrate the man who gave us four James Bond films and brought many new fans into the fold.  I’m putting together a retrospective of the man, and his films debuting on this page sometime next month. As a companion piece I would love to put together thoughts from you.

    Here’s what I’m looking for:

    Two paragraphs (to me, a paragraph is about four sentences long) explaining what you like about Brosnan, what you like about his films, what he means to you, and/or a fond memory of his time as Bond. You can write about all of those, or you can write about one of those. It’s up to you.

    Now to get your submissions to me, there are two methods. You can e-mail me at [email protected]

    Or if you’re a member of our forums you can go to this thread.

    Deadline for submissions will be November 9th. However if I feel I don’t have enough, I will extend it.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



    Now this is definitely beginning to turn from a shot to a salvo, but I have to mention a few odds and ends  which would deserve your appreciation. For one thing there is HaphazardStuff’s piece on ‘Casino Royale’, not to be missed. Then there was Twitch in Bondage’s defence of Timothy Dalton and his reasons why he was the best Bond (in Joshua Chaplinsky’s opinion, thanks to CBn member ‘Revelator’ for pointing to this!). And New York Post’s article on the unseen Bond girl (thanks to CBn team member ‘stromberg’ for that!).


    And finally my personal favourite: MOVIEtalk-on-yahoo features an article with an overview about Daniel Craig’s way into the Tom Ford dinner jacket and his contenders on it. In the article Adam Pockross calls “the ultimate Bond fan site”.


    Which is the moment to finish this shot.


    Worth another shot will return… in December.