1. Virtual Bond Rooms Appear Online

    By daniel on 2002-10-13

    Some examples of the awesome design work of Peter Lamont and Co. is now available on the official James Bond site. In an update that follows the succesful marketing of the last James Bond film, The World Is Not Enough, MGM has released a ‘virtual tour’ of three locations that will feature in Die Another Day.

    The three featured sets on the official site are the gentleman club Blades, Miranda Frost’s icey suite in the Ice Palace and the main room of the Ice Palace. All three virtual tours are presented using VR technology in Apple Quicktime.

    The virtual tours, which are available in varying qualities, also include ‘hot spots’, meaning Bond fans can also view rooms attached to the aforementioned sets. For instance, the VR tour of Blades takes 007 fans through two interior rooms and an external courtyard.

    The official site has also added several more music clips to its sound gallery.

    If you’d like to discuss the VR update please visit this thread of the Die Another Day Forums. Thanks to Cyris for alerting us to the news.