1. 3rd Bunch of 'DAD' Pictures Online

    By Tim Roth on 2002-10-11

    DVD Web has just published the 3rd set of Pictures from “Die Another Day”. Most of them were never seen before, and there is one quite interesting still.

    Spoiler (Highlight To Read)

    You can see Jinx lifting up what looks like that face changing mask off someone’s head. So is it the Moon/Graves mask or the Zao Mask? We don’t know yet. But another interesting question is jumping to my mind. Jinx is wearing the red clothes she wears when she accesses Graves’ Biodome. So is the face changing system actually located in the Biodome? That would bring up the question why Zao is in Cuba?

    Please discuss the new pictures in this thread in CBn’s Die Another Day Forums! And thanks to forum user ‘Christmas Tounes’ for the alert!