1. DAD Soundtrack Listing Revealed

    By daniel on 2002-10-09

    TowerRecords have released the soundtrack listing for Die Another Day, and it can only be described as disappointing.

    The soundtrack will only feature 11 songs on it, and two of thoses will not the score work by David Arnold. The listing is as follows;

    1. Die Another Day – Madonna
    2. Bond Vs. Oakenfold – (Oakenfold mix)
    3. Gun Barrel / On The Beach
    4. How Do You Intend To Kill Me Now, Mr. Bond?
    5. Hovercraft Chase
    6. Kiss Of Life
    7. Peaceful Fountains Of Desire
    8. Welcome To Cuba
    9. Jinx Jordan
    10. Wheelchair Access
    11. Jinx And James

    The reason for a pittance of the score being included is because the CD will feature media, thought at this stage to be a making of Die Another Day. However, so much of the score is missing that Bond fans are sure to be disappointed. Arnold’s opening fo rthe film One The Beach and Hovercraft Chase, both from the pre-title sequence, are sure to be great pieces, however, another promising piece from the Ice Ballet in Iceland is missing.

    The issue has to be raised as to whether or not those who buy the album would rather a documentry or more music.

    One can only hope that a second soundtrack will be released sometime in 2003 featuring the whole score, as happened with the Tomorrow Never Dies score.

    Please be sure to voice your opinion on the listing in this thread of the Die Another Day Forums.

    Finally, a big thanks to RE007HQ1 for alerting us to the track listing.