1. New 'DAD' Photos Hit Internet

    By Tim Roth on 2002-10-08

    UK DVD Online Magazine “DVD Web” has published some new, unseen stills from the latest James Bond Film, “Die Another Day”. The Pictures don’t reveal much, but still two pictures could be seen as Spoiler, so you’ll have to highlight the text to read the description.

    Spoiler (Highlight To Read)

    There’s one picture showing beautiful Miranda Frost wearing a sexy black little nothing, fighting Jinx. Some people might see this still as confirmation for the theory Miranda Frost could be the famous traitor in “Die Another Day”. What we know is, that Frost and Jinx are going to meet each other in the film’s finale, taking place in an Antanov airplane. But I can’t think for any reason they’re fighting might be an indication that Miranda Frost is the traitor. We’ll have to see and wait.

    Well, the 2nd still isn’t really a spoiler, but there might be people who don’t want to know a lot. So well, it is showing Bond in the Q laboratory, where they “keep the old relics”, holding something what could be identified as Rosa Klebb’s Shoe from “From Russia With Love”.

    Anyway, some great pictures here. Please head to this thread in the Die Another Day Forums to discuss the pictures and add your own ideas! And thanks to ‘Palicot’ for the alert!