1. How Brosnan Saved Halle

    By daniel on 2002-10-06

    Sky News has reported that Pierce Brosnan saved Halle Berry’s life on the set of Die Another Day.

    Brosnan says he had to perform the Heimlich Manoeuvre on his Die Another Day co-star after she choked on a piece of fruit.

    The pair were filming a love scene for the film at the time.

    “She had this piece of fruit in her hand and she gives me some, then puts it in her own mouth,” Brosnan told Esquire magazine.

    “I made a joke and she started laughing and then she gagged. Suddenly there was no sound coming out”.

    “I banged her on the back, then began putting my arms around her to do the Heimlich”.

    “Somehow she expelled the fruit which was a good thing, because I’ve never given anyone the Heimlich before,” said Brosnan.

    Thanks to ‘MBE’ for alerting us to the news.