1. Barbara Broccoli – “Bond is Not Ready for 3D”

    By Matthew Harkin on 2012-10-17

    ‘Skyfall’ Co Producer Barbara Broccoli, has insisted that Bond is not ready for 3D. Speaking exclusively to ‘Screen Rant‘, Broccoli stated that Bond in IMAX should be the main focus point.  However, the idea of 3D hasn’t been completely dismissed. Whilst 3D is widely known as a gimmick, it would be interesting to see a 3D Bond film, even if it’s just for the brilliant opening credits animation which has the potential to work very well indeed.

    Broccoli: “I think probably more in what you want to do. I think more in horror and science fiction, stuff like that. I think they’re more suited to 3D than these, really. We’re in IMAX, which we’re very excited about and I think that experience will be great. Not quite ready for 3D yet.”