1. Details On Arnold's Score

    By daniel on 2002-10-04

    Paul Tonks, from ‘Movie Poop Shoot‘, was lucky enough to attend a scoring session for Die Another Day at Air Studio’s in London last week. And here’s what he had to say about the soundtrack and the score;

    This week I attended a scoring session for DIE ANOTHER DAY at Air Studios in London. It made for a pleasant trilogy of Bond memories, having also been there for TOMORROW NEVER DIES and THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH. There’ll be a full feature here on the score including my interview with David Arnold to coincide with the film and album release. What I’m at liberty to tell you in advance is that the album will contain around 40 minutes of score comprised from the best of around 100 minutes written. The reason for such a small release is that the Warner Bros. disc is otherwise filled by the Madonna song, her music video, a Paul Oakenfold remix, and another interactive video element. It’s not the best of situations for a Bond score, and David would like a second volume (as happened with TOMORROW NEVER DIES), but nothing’s guaranteed.

    I can tell you that this score is very much an extension of David’s previous two. To paraphrase his own description: “This is as far as this style of music can go before there’ll need to be a radical change.” This is in reference to what he began with “Backseat Driver” utilising The Propellerheads and culminates now in some seriously advanced channel mixing, samples and distortion. Expect the unexpected, including the first use of a choir in a Bond score and no single instance of any of the Bond Themes played in its entirety. The film opens November 22nd and the Warner album precedes it on the 19th.

    Not all of the information is quite clear, especially what Tonks means when he refers to none of the ‘Bond Themes’ being used its/there entirety.

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    And a big thanks to Rich for alerting us to the news!