1. ‘Skyfall’ reactions begin…

    By Matthew Harkin on 2012-10-12

    ‘Skyfall’ reviews begin to pour in, as the 23rd Bond film has had it’s first press screening…

    Graham Norton @grahnort
    Bond is back!!! Skyfall is perfection!!!!!

    Vassos Alexander @VassosA
    The new Bond film is tense, thrilling, tremendous. Funny in places too. Bond back on form #skyfall

    James Mullinger @jamesmullinger
    Well, Sam Mendes may have created the best James Bond film ever. After all the photocalls & hype, Skyfall somehow exceeds all expectations.

    James Day @James_Day_Metro
    In case you’re wondering the new Bond movie #Skyfall is really quite superb

    James Robertson @_JamesR
    Just watched James Bond: Skyfall. IT’S F’IN AWESOME.

    Hari Patience @Hari_P
    Was just one of the first 1600 people to see #skyfall. Does not disappoint. Can’t reveal much due to spoilers but 10x better than QofS
    #skyfall did actually joss a few of my personal canon bits about Bond. But I can’t tell you what as there’s #spoilers

    Nihal A @TherealNihal
    Bk to an old school Bond film, Bardem is brilliant. References to old school Bond but felt a little too long #skyfall #makeupyrownmind

    Rupert Bhatia @alfredooo
    So the new bond film is different… big change of direction. quite good though.

    Olivia Osborne @livsosborne
    Just seen #skyfall brilliant. Bond is back

    Louise Pepper @loupepper
    Just saw #Skyfall LOVED IT. Don’t read any spoilers or reviews just GO

    Niall Doherty @NiallMDoherty
    Skyfall was amazing. Best film I’ve seen this year (yes, even better than TDKR) and poss my new favourite Bond film.

    Becky Sunshine @Becky_Sunshine
    #Skyfall is totally bloody brilliant. There it is. Not going to spoil any surprises, but def worth seeing!