1. Water, Shaken Not Stirred

    By daniel on 2002-10-02

    It seems that Bolinger and Finlanda Vodka won’t be the only drinks to grace the silver in Die Another Day this November, water will be too. And it won’t just come in the form of a melting Ice Palace.

    Welsh mineral water company Ty Nant will have their ‘blue bottled’ water featured in Die Another Day scenes set in Gustav Graves’ Ice Palace. A Ty Nant spokesman revealed that “The producers [of Die Another Day] thought our new bottle would be perfect for the scene because it looks like it’s made from ice.”

    While PR is pushing that Bond will be passing on his trademark Vodka Martini and ordering Ty Nant instead, the recently revealed product placement with Finlanda Vodka indicates otherwise.

    If you’d like to discuss the companies product placement please visit this thread of the Die Another Day Forums.

    Thanks to ‘MBE’ for alerting us to the news!